President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

53039072-216x300Manny Cordova Jr. first started CanAm after he began leasing his own properties in 1989. He has over 30 years of realty investment and management experience. As our Chief Executive Officer, Mannyprovides leadership to CanAm that has been the key to positioning the company at the forefront of the property management industry. By developing a strategic plan to advance the company’s mission, objectives and promoting revenue, he has been able to bring CanAm to the level of success that it is today. Manny oversees company operations to insure production efficiency, quality, service, and cost-effective management of resources.

53042585Manny credits his passion for property management to spending much time helping his grandfather manage his properties as a child. During the summers and afternoons he would help mow the lawns, pull weeds, hang drywall and repair plumbing and air conditioning units; sparking Manny’s enthusiasm for real estate. It is his unique background that has lead CanAm to wear many hats when it comes to property management. From signing leases and screening tenants, to renovating and remodeling our clients homes.

Manny is an accomplished sky diver and motorcycle enthusiast. He has a collection of adventures from running the Las Vegas Marathon to Diving the Great Barrier Reef. Most of all, his favorite hobby is restoring homes. Manny has a passion for design and architecture.