Becky Cordova - Property Manager with Can Am Real Estate Services

Rebecca Cordova

Broker – Realtor – Property Manager

A graduate of The Ohio State University Rebecca moved to Las Vegas Nevada to escape the harsh winters and pursue her career in 2006.

After adjusting to the climate change and a few odds and end jobs Rebecca eventually became a local real estate agent. She represented both buyers and sellers of real estate alike.

In 2007 Rebecca partnered with a local venture capitalist and a real estate investor. She represented the buyers and became familiar with the real estate investment segment of the Las Vegas market.

Later that year Rebecca helped to create CanAm Property Management LLC to manage her slowly growing personal real estate portfolio. The company she helped to create eventually began to manage all of the properties she previously sold to her now business partners.

Her hard work and financial success in the Las Vegas real estate market did not go unnoticed. Her personal real estate portfolio along with those of her clients continued to grow. People began to pass on the news that their investments in Las Vegas were yielding good returns which eventually led to one referral after the other after the other into the company CanAm Real Estate Services LLC is today.

CanAm Real Estate Services LLC continues to focus on the management of residential and multi-unit residential properties.

Rebecca has created divisions within CanAm Real Estate Services to assist investors with their investment questions and eventually purchases.

Together with our team of Real Estate Attorneys, Cross Border Accountants, Property Managers, and Realtors; CanAm Real Estate Services has become a one stop shop for both foreign and domestic investors alike.